carpet Moth control Hackney


Here at hackney pest control we have had a surge in enquiries for textile moth control.
Why is this you may ask, but the answer is simple.

Textile moths (also known as clothes moths or carpet moths) tend to increase rapidy in numbers and breed a lot quicker in higher temperature couple with higher humidity levels.

Textile moths normaly start increasing in numbers around the end of april/ beginning of may. However march has been a bit unusual in the way of abnormally high temperatures and humidity levels.

Textile moths have been tricked by the unusualy warm start to 2012 and have as such started breeding much earlier than usual. This is likely to lead to higher levels of activity than normal. So if you have woolen carpets, rugs and jumpers etc it is a good idea to inspect these carefully for any textile moth activity or damage before the little moths have caused too much damage.

If you do find textile moth activity in your home or workplace, all is not lost. We are experts in treating textile moths and are ready to erradicate them for you at price you can afford.

Call us now before the textile moths cause extensive damage to your valued woolen rugs and cashmere jumpers.


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