Cockroach Control Hackney



cockroach Control Hackney

Cockroaches are awful pests, and the most common cockroach in Hackney and throughout London is the German cockroach. Cockroaches survive for long periods under hot temperatures and so are more frequently in countries with warm climates. However, they are becoming more and more common in London and Hackney.


Cockroaches tend to find their way inside your home, and they favour nesting in kitchen appliances such as stoves, washing machines and refrigerators. Cockroaches are quite large and easy to detect. If you have an infestation of cockroaches you will soon be aware of it they are usually seen scurrying away from light. If your home or has become infested with cockroaches you should call our Hackney based pest control specialists to clear the premises of cockroaches immediately.

Usually a course of insecticides used to kill cockroaches. Insecticides are very strong, so this treatment should always be done by a pest control specialist, requiring suitable protective clothing and a good knowledge of chemicals. Our qualified Hackney cockroach controllers are highly trained to use these chemicals, safely and effectively.


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