Mouse Control Hackney

Mouse control Hackney


House mice in Hackney have a keen sense of hearing, taste, smell and touch. They are about 7-10 cms long excluding their tail. Signs of a House Mouse issue in your London home include:

– Scratching noises under the floor or in the attic as they move around.

– House mice are most active at night but possibly seen in the coursework of the day, looking for food.

– Dark droppings about 3mm long.

– They dribble urine onto surfaces and as a result have a characteristically strong odour.

House mice in the Hackney area are usually brown, grey in colour with a light underside with giant prominent ears and tiny black eyes. The tail is light in colour and is shorter than the body in length. House mice live for about 3-4months. They are sexually mature at 6-8 weeks. They have on average 5 – 8 litters per year, with 4 – 8 children in each litter.

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