Moth Control Hackney

Moth Control Hackney


The common cloth moth (Tineola bisselliella) is a serious pest control issue to residents in Hackney and cost the textile industry millions of pounds in lost revenue each year. Although they do not pose a serious health risk, they are a pest in homes because of the extreme destruction their larvae cause in particular to clothes, fabrics, furs, leather and carpets.


While a comparatively minor infestation of moths can be handled using do-it-yourself products, an established moth issue in your Hackney home is likely to need the help of specialists this is where we come in handy. Our team of experienced moth controllers are fully committed to providing this service to the residents of Hackney.


We implement a site survey prior to full fumigation and moth extermination. Often the first sign of a moth issues in your Hackney home will be damage to fabrics and patches on carpets. The damage and inconvenience that moth causes can last plenty of weeks which is why it is important to receive a thorough fumigation and residual treatment implemented straight away by one of our Hackney moth controllers.


Regrettably due to the harbourage of moths in out of the way places, the damage to your London home may be seen before your realise you have a moth infestation that is why prevention of moths, which we can help your is more important and effective then waiting to contact us when you have a moth problem.

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